Through this program The Collective endeavors to:

Through this program The Collective endeavors to:

· Strengthen the art-related businesses in Houston with a special sensitivity to those art-related businesses in the Third Ward/Midtown neighborhoods primarily and then in other sectors of the city, state and region so that the work of African American artists are recognized and factored into economic development strategies.

· Strengthen relationships with artists and other creative people for the purpose of identifying and/or creating products and or prototypes for production and sale.

· Outreach to businesses, non-profit organizations and other entities for collaborative arrangements for access to appropriate space for the sale of products (i.e. gift shop space, vendor/booth space).

· Identify and facilitate appropriate collaborations with individual businesses, commercial business districts, coordinators of festivals and community events.

· Attend, schedule and coordinate meetings to support the Entrepreneurship Program.

· Plan, conduct, facilitate production and/or business development workshops for vendors in conjunction with community events and festivals, special events, tourism-related projects, etc.

· Evaluate and continue to set and accomplish our goals.

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