Our Vision


Michelle Barnes
Executive Director

Photo: Melissa Phillip

Artists Leading Change.


To provide the educational and cultural link among African American artists and all communities, inspiring unlimited creativity.


  1. Education – Make arts education more accessible to children and adults.

  2. Entrepreneurial – Assist artists in sustaining themselves through the provision of arts related services, training, employment and other support mechanisms.

  3. Community Development – Engage the talents and creative abilities of artists to solve economic, cultural and social challenges in the natural and built environment in which we live, work and serve.

  4. Exhibition – Promote the production of original work by living artists, young and old.

  5. Infrastructure – Provide the human and financial resources to support the educational, entrepreneurial, exhibition and community development goals.


  • All of the people of Houston/Harris County and the region are happy, healthy and hopeful. Each and every individual is respected for the goodness, creativity and many other positive attributes associated with their creator. Everyone is fully aware of the marvelous opportunities, which exist at every turn, confident of her or his individual access to the wealth of resources readily available in our immediate and global communities.

  • All of the residents of Houston/Harris County and the region have tools fashioned by the memorable experiences of human development.

  • All of the children of Houston/Harris County and the region have a happy, healthy, hopeful childhood and are respected as the legacy they represent.

  • All young adults respect the work of the previous generation, recognize and embrace their many choices as opportunities to give back to the community, from which they have emerged, and that which they are entrusted to advance.

  • All adults welcome their unique roles as mentor/model for meaningful work and balanced, purposeful, sustainable living.

  • All elders, at peace, take their rightful places in seats of respect, honor and dignity earned through their near-lifetimes of care, contribution and preparation for the legacy yet unborn.

Michelle Barnes
Executive Director / Co-Founder